Dear Santa.....

...tis' the season for writing our Christmas list's right? We'll listen up Santa. I am not feeling the love from the toy companies this year. What's up with that? Why are so many toys being recalled? Don't you have someone who watches over those toy companies? Some body isn't doing their job and I feel they should be on your NAUGHTY list. Because of this, I have decided to go all NATURAL! All handmade items for us.

So Santa, I do believe I have been a good girl this past year. (Oh - except for the time when I called Carson's doctor a bad name and then posted here.) I've been pushed to my limits many of times, lost many hours of sleep at night, wiped a zillion noses, changed a GAZILLION poopy diapers........ well, you catch my drift, right Chris?

So, I think it's time I post my Christmas wish list.

For Carson I would like:

1. Quinn - the brown and orange monkey .

Or Eleanor:

2. The traveling chalkboard - Dora

3. Care bear swing top - 2T

For Cooper:

1. The traveling chalkboard - John Deere

2. Crayon Caddy - in Dump trucks -

For Riley:

1. The Care Bear pillow case top - size 5

2. Pillow Case swing top - size 5T

3. traveling chalkboard - Pink and green princess one of course! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7748751

4. Crayon Caddy- In polk a dots

For Keegan:

1. The traveling Chalkboard - The movie "Cars"

2. Crayon Caddy- In Dinosaurs

Ok Santa - I think that covers everyone. Thanks for listening!

Oh, and if there is anyone out there willing to teach me how to make the pillow case tops, I am all ears!


Lost A Sock said...

The pillowcase tops look super easy to make (for wayyy less than $25.) I'd totally give it a whirl if I weren't already whirling in paint over here. Maybe we can try it out this spring? (Also, the girls get all the fun stuff!)

my4kids said...

Those are really cute ideas people have had and probably could be pretty popular with all the recall scares they have going on right now!

Lost A Sock said...

Cindy - found this site. Has lots of info.


Michelle said...

Hey! Just catching up on my blog reading. It's hard to read and write a post a day - yikes!

I love the monkeys! I want one!

I'm going to go check out whatever that link is Molly left here in comments now.

Hope you had a good weekend!