Light a little star - the pictures

Well, I seemed to have made it through with semi dry eyes. I followed 2 hard stories. I was tearing up before it was my turn. Riley went with me, and we had a great time. Saw a few new friends, and a few old. Here are our pics:

Riley's glow star.

Our favorite NICU nurse and friendsRiley making a square for an isolate cover that will be sewn.Our friends - Twins, imagine that!


Roam2Rome said...

Ah, good to hear :) She looks like a caring nurse, too :)

Michelle said...

Glad you made it through -- I knew you could do it, just fine! Did Riley have fun?

Have fun with pictures tomorrow!

nailgirl said...

Is that JUlie's twins?? Taylor and alivyah???

my4kids said...

Glad to hear it went well. I like the idea of having the kids draw squares for the isolette covers that is soo sweet!