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I'm going to start by saying, that in exactly 1 week, my babies will turn 2 yrs old. HOLY CRAP!
2. yrs. old. I can't believe it. Where has the time gone????

Next, we had Carson doctor's appointment for her leg issues. Yes, it is true, her right leg is longer than the left. What does that mean? It means we've earned a trip down to Children's hospital to see the orthopod. Yippy! It's so sad to say, but this will be the 5th specialist that she see's. It is nearly impossible for me not to have any guilt over this. Just what if......we chose to wait to deliver these babes? Would we be in this same position? It sucks!

Moving right along. Carson eye appointment with the vision therapy doctor has been cancelled because they don't accept any form of insurance. At $400.00 plus a visit, we just can't afford it. So, we will keep an eye on it and express any other concerns to her regular eye guy at children's. Lovely.

We still have not heard if our 2nd opinions will be happening here in Appleton or in Madison. I am hoping to hear something by the end of the week.

This afternoon I took all 4 kids to my dad's last swim practice ever. Yes, we swam! It was wonderful!!! My dad has been coaching high school girls and guys swimming since 1972, and today was his last practice - ever! It is so hard to believe that he is really hanging up the towel. Because he has been involved with swimming, education, and so many other things for so long, the school district has decided to name the high school pool after him. It's quiet an honor. I am very proud to say he was my coach, and he's my dad. I can not wait for the dedication.

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my4kids said...

Sorry about the new issue with Carson. I know what you mean about the guilt thing though. I have always felt like there was something I could have done differently with Joshua and he wouldn't have come early and the issues he has that are related to it wouldn't be there.
I hope you hear back about the 2nd opinion thing soon!
Thats great about your dad! That is actually really cool his name will be around for as long as the school is!