Ok, yes I know, 2 post with in 30 minutes of each other, but I just had to mention this...I'm so excited.
Ok, so we had our modeling pictures done with Allie from "Proud to introduce", and we just got them back yesterday. They were phenomenal! I was very happy with it! I can not wait to frame them and hang them in my house.
Ok, so back the "I'm so excited" part. Allie used 3 of our pictures on her website.
Go here: http://www.proudtointroduce.com , then click gallery (Children) and look at the smaller pictures under the main one, 2nd from last, (on that page) is the one of Riley and Keegan head to head, then if you click Black and white (children) she used the one of Riley and Keegan in the grass and the one of the 3 kids walking away with Cooper behind.
How exciting is that?????
I just think it is totally cool!

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my4kids said...

That is totally cool. Your pictures were so worthy of being put on the website though!