Out with the old, and in with the new

It's been over 1 year now, and I know I left you all hangin' on what happened with my 1 yr weight loss goal.
September 14th was my 1 year Weight loss anniversary, and just like that, it came, and it went. I was very disappointed with my self that I did not reach my 100 pound goal. Actually, I got as close as 96 lbs, but then it was like I was on a roller coaster. I went from 96, to 90, to 94, to 92, to 95. I just haven't been able to great a good grasp on it the last couple of weeks. Disappointing? I know!!!

So, at 95 pounds down, 4 shirts sizes, 4 bra sizes, and a whopping 7 pants sizes....I present to you - The old and new me.

A little something to go with the pictures. Enjoy
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10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days


my4kids said...

Hey lady if you are only 5 pounds away from a goal of 100 you are doing awesome. You look great by the way!

Michelle said...

I know you're disappointed that you didn't make 100, but holy crap you look awesome!! I think 95 in a year is outstanding!

And what's with the shirt you were wearing in your 95 lbs down shirt - it looks like its wiggling in the picture. Too cool!

Lost A Sock said...

Happy weight loss anniversary, come and gone. You look fantastic. And I say that, even if you did use that horrible picture of me before a shower, you rotten thing, you.

Three cheers for new you!!

nailgirl said...

You my friend look great.