Just what a mother of 4 DOESN'T need

Ok, so yesterday Riley came home from school with the dreaded note - SOMEONE IN HER CLASS HAS LICE!!! (did your head starting itching right away when I said the word LICE? Mine sure as hell did!) YUCK-O! Just what I don't need. What is it with lice? Why do they insist hangin' around our kids? My mom has told me "lovely" stories of when I had it. GROSS! Who has time to bag everything up, clean from ceiling to floor, and hope to god your other children don't get it??? NO - I don't have time for that! Little nit - you come anywhere near my daughter's head and I will blow you into little smithereens. So, as the over protective parent that I am, I sent Matt to the salon where Riley and I get our hair done to pick up a preventative shampoo and conditioner. They claim that it helps your child from not getting lice so, we'll see about that. I am so freaked out about it that I even jumped on the band wagon and used it this morning. Although, I have heard adults are less likely to get it. Oh yah, I also kept her home from school today because of it. Am I crazy??? I just don't want that crap anywhere near my house! I can handle preemies, I can handle surgeries, LICE - Hell no! My body just itches as I write about it. So my mom thinks I'm crazy for keeping her home today, but seriously, she only goes to school M-F, I am considering pulling her out anyways (that's a whole other post), so really, Am I crazy for keeping her home? I am sure Keegan's school would appreciate us not getting it and giving it to them, right? Oh well. I'll just be psycho about it!


Lost A Sock said...

Holy hell on both situations!!

First, as a preschool teacher I had to deal with lice a lot. The nurse and I were friends, as I'd stroll down to her office at the end of each work day to make sure I wasn't taking any buggers home. NASTY, it was. We had to bag the whole classroom up many times.

Also, poor Carson, and poor you. I'm glad that's over for you guys, and keeping my fingers crossed for results.

Where've ya been? I'm missing you...

Michelle said...

OH I think you were genius not to send Riley to school today. I mean - lice?!!?? Not much scarier than that sheet coming home. UGH!! (and yes my head is itching now!)

I can't believe Children's was such a bad experience today, that's so unusual - I would definitely blame Dr. Loser. Not that that helps at all, but still - it would help if he had done his job properly.

nailgirl said...

Ok first off, gross and no you did the right thing in getting R home. Secondly I am o pissed just reading your post about poor Carson. i mean realy some people can be so stupid. I swear sometimes we as parents know more then they do. Please keep us posted, Iv'e missed hearing from you.

my4kids said...

We got one of those letters after the kids first week in school. The girls got it in daycare when they were 3 and 5 and it was a nightmare to get rid of so when I saw the letter I got a bit paranoid also. It's been 4 weeks and I haven't seen anything yet but I'm still checking to make sure!

Sorry about the mix up thing with Carsons CT that is so bad and hard for a toddler like that. How do you explain to her "Sorry honey Dr Loser screwed up you'll have to starve a little longer?". Ugh. Yeah we've had some similar things happen it is very frustrating