I finally got a call today!

A couple of months back I had signed up with the Jorge Posada foundation to become a mentor for a family going through the ups and downs of craniosynostosis. For you that don't know, Jorge Posada is the catcher for the New York Yankees. He has an 8 yr old son who has cranio. This poor child has been through 8 surgeries to repair his synostosis. It just breaks my heart to hear that he has been through so many surgeries. It's been a long haul for the Posada family and thus the start of the JP Foundation. They are there to help families through the ups and downs.
So, anyhow, I had filed my mentor form with them a few months back, and today, I finally received a call. I had done one other sponsorship with a family out in Oregon who had twins, but only one child had cranio, but through a different site. It was real rewarding. Nothing like helping a family though a tough time. Their daughter has recovered from surgery, and is thriving.

I am very excited to meet this family that I have been matched up with. I am keeping my fingers crossed that their child will heal 100% and go on to live a happy and healthy life.

I will keep you posted.


nailgirl said...

You my friend rock! With all that you have going on,and you decide to mentor someone who needs help. That is great! Bless you.

Michelle said...

That's great! I know you'll be wonderful support for others!

Let me know about the BG - see you soon!

my4kids said...

Come on over I left you and award on my blog.

Kila said...

What a wonderful thing to do!

(I found you through my4kids, and I only live about 30 minutes south of you!)

JuliAnn said...

You certainly do keep yourself busy! I always joke that keeping up my schedule keeps my sanity, but Jon would probably agree that it makes me nuts :( Speaking of which,we would love to set up another play date soon... maybe my kids wouldn't be so shy at home! Let me know!

TwinsMom05 said...

You were the most wonderful sponsor to my family! I don't know if I would have gotten through Cassidy's surgery without you! You are an inspiration to all! I want to thank you again for all you did for us (by the way the girls use their blankets you made them every day!) THANK YOU THANK YOU! (BTW: We are in Seattle, WA!!!)

Twins x two said...

Yea Julie!

Thanks for the comment!

I am glad the girls love their blankets!!!