Last day of school, Last day of school......

I know that I promised an update on Carson's appointment last Thursday, but I didn't feel like blogging and really.....there wasn't much to blog about, until yesterday!
I CAN NOT believe I have Kindergarten GRADS!

CONGRATS Riley and Keegan for a job well done!!
~First day of Kindergarten

~Last day of kindergarten.

I remember at the beginning of the school year I wasn't sure Riley was going to make it. Keegan had already been in the school the previous year and knew a bunch of kids in their new class. Riley knew no one and with her self esteem and self confidence issues, I wasn't sure she'd make it. There had been some bumps in the road this school year for her, but she did just fine. Hopefully she will be more confident this fall going in as a first grader.

Now, back to Carson. I was a wee bit frustrated with Carson's appt. with Dr. I this week. What's new, Right? We were told that her ICP was normal and that everything in that area was great. She had her stitches/staple out and did great with that, too. Then Dr. I says, "well, I am not sure about her rocking, why don't you have your pediatrician follow her?" UMMM NO! WAIT!

Me: What about the results from her sleep study?

Him: She had a sleep study done?

Me: YES! On the 18th!

Him: Where did she have that done?

Me: Here in town.

Him and his nurse: We'll see if we can find those results.

Me: Perfect, because the plan today was to talk about the PLAN for her.

Him: Oh Yes, now I remember.

UGH! And this is the BEST that we have in our state? No wonder why I am stressed out so much.

So, they will locate the results and we will chat about them at Riley's appointment next Thursday.

Also, some other big factors in Carson's "plan" will be the CMG procedure she will have done on her bladder on the 22 for incontinence.

So, needless to say, No Plan because we are still waiting for more pieces to the puzzle.

Riley will see Dr. I for the first time next Thursday for an eval. I am hoping he will schedule an MRI to be done. She has not had a post op MRI yet and I would be interested in seeing the difference.

This coming week I will move myself and the kiddos out to the lake for just about a week. They need their time to run and be free before summer school starts on the 15th.

So, that's what's up with us....

Thanks for checking in.

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Anonymous said...

WOW....that is really crappy!! And scary that we don't have any better doctors around?! I hope someday, somewhere you will get the answers you are searching for, and you can finally come up with a plan for little cutie Carson!!
Enjoy the lake! (I hope it warms up)
Hugs, Joy