Brownies and cheese curds...never a good sign

Especially when it comes to dieting!

It just means that our doctors appointment with Dr. I went a bit more "south" than I would have liked it to. Riley got an Ok report. She was a bit nervous to meet the new doc, but did well once she warmed up to him. She did really well with her neuro exam and didn't seem real worried about her "starring spells". We will just keep an eye on it.

Carson on the other hand didn't really get the news I was expecting. Her sleep study cam back ok - but he really wasn't worried about it. BUT he did compare Carson and Riley's (per op) MRI scan and told me that they are exactly the same. If it wasn't for the rocking and the incontinence issues he wouldn't be to worried about her right now, but because she has theses issues the "D" word came into the conversation - DECOMPRESSION. Carson is having a CMG Bladder test done on the 22 and if Dr. K believes her "potty" issues are neurogenic, Dr. I will lean towards a chiari decompression. If he doesn't not believe her issues are neurogenic- then we MAY hold off for a bit to see if it will improve.

So, on that disappointing note.....I am eating fresh cheese curds. It's a Wisconsin thing!

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Erin said...

I am sorry to hear all the confusing medical news. But, you made me laugh with the cheese curds comment. There is nothing like fresh cheese curds to make all your troubles go away!