2 - 3yr olds, a pair of scissors, and an unsucessful nap.

Last week, I was outside reading a book on the deck when a blood curling scream came from Riley's room. After I rushed up the stairs, threw open the door, this is what I found!!After Keegan had packed away his Kindergarten paperwork, he also packed away his pencil box with his crayons and scissors - GUESS WHO FOUND IT??
Riley was in shock that about 10 of her barbies and brats all had haircuts like hers.

Some fun in our "OWN" sun!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - at least it was the dolls - I was expecting self styling of some new haircuts for C&C : )

Have a great 4th!

Kath said...

Poor Riley! I hope she doesn't mind too much, I remember my older sister nearly murdered me when I cut the top knot off her weird scary doll.

Happy 4th of July for tomorrow!