update 2

She is all finished! Things went well.

Here pressure has been a bit low
( -1 / 3) but they said she lost a bit of CSF when they did the surgery. As she producess more, her pressure may come up. We'll see.
I will post later.


Anonymous said...

Cindy the two of you are amazing. I hope things go well and some questions are answered in the next 2 days. Corrin was looking at the pictures and started to cry. When I asked her why she said she is a princess and princesses should not have to go to the hospital.

Hope all is well, give me a call if you need anything!!


Lost A Sock said...

Poor Cars. I am thinking of you guys. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Carson we love you and stay strong. we home to hear from you and mom soon.
Cindy I hope you finally get some kind of answers when you see the doctor.
Mandy, Mike, Tyler, Brandon, and baby