No answers... AGAIN! We were told this morning that we would be staying another 24 hours to collect more data. We just saw Dr. I and crew and we are going home. She does not have elevated pressure. So, no need for more data. They took the probe out and stapled her shut.
Good new: No pressure
Bad news: No answers or directions.


Anonymous said...

Cin - sorry you don't have any more answers than prior to the testing. Here's hoping the sleep study will show something - anything...
thinking of all of you.

Angela said...

CRAP! Maybe the sleep test will show something. I'm praying that she rocks like crazy to make the test worth while!

Kath said...


I really, really hope you get some answers soon, this sucks :(

BoufMom9 said...

Holy cow! Unbelievable! Can't believe you are still in the dark! Geez!
I am glad she handled it all so well. Lord! It would just be nice to get some answers.... UGH!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that smile makes the world a better place?