So far behind..no time for computer

Oh, I am so far behind in my blogging. To be honest, I haven't had much time to be on the computer. Its sort of funny, but my 40 minute a day job sort of screw up my day. Crazy, I know. Since I am here, lets recap all that has been going on.

1. My babies turned 5 on Nov 15th.

2. My 7 yr olds are preparing to receive their First Reconciliation, so we have been studying, memorizing prayers, going to special classes, studying some more......

3. I was diagnosed with being pre diabetic.

4. I am on the school PTA and in charge of the Reflections program; Dec 14th.

5. Working noon supervision at one of Appleton's finest Jr. Highs

6. Found out I will be having bladder surgery on Dec 27th

7. Doing homework with kids.

8. Happy Thanksgiving!

9. Dieting and exercising so I can kick the "pre diabetic" thing to the curb - NO TIME to deal with that!

10. Making hats for all the kids in Carson and Cooper's class

11. Mentoring a mom who's daughter has craniosynostosis and will be having surgery on Dec 30th.

12. Dealing with sick kids

13. Christmas shopping

14. Trying to help Riley through a slump.

OK, So you get the picture......

Calgon, take me away!!!!


berkle said...

You have such a cute family! I love all the cute pictures. I think can write more about it so that have more memory...

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Angela said...

And now you can add soccer to that list!

Cheryl said...

I hope you're doing well and blogging again soon!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

Carol Kohl said...

It sounds like you have a FULL plate! I care for my 90 year old mother...suffering from dementia. It's weird. She's not a child, but I feel like I'm caring for one. I can appreciate your situation (doctor visits etc). I will follow your journey!

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