Same road, different child

Its been almost 1 .5 years since Riley's chiari decompression and she seems to be doing well! Which is FANTASTIC! Except now, we are going to be headed down that dreadful road again.

Today, Matt and I had a "family" meeting with Dr. I about the game plan for Carson. We didn't even bring Carson along for fear that I would be an emotional wreck. We talked a little bit about Carson and her symptoms and then the dreaded word "decompression" came up, again.

As we speak, Dr. I's nurse is trying to schedule a date for Carson chiari decompression surgery. It will either be mid August or Early September. After the experience we had with Riley, I am scared to death. I am not really a crier, but tend to laugh more - only because I can't seem to figure out why we keep going through these situations and I try to hold my emotions in. Today, I cried. I cried in front of people I don't know in the middle of a restaurant. This SUCKS!!!
I don't even know how to explain it to her. I am pretty sure that until we get her in her gown she may not even understand what is going to happen. HOLY CRAP!! This is going to be a tough one!!

I will let you know when surgery is scheduled for.

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