No news just might be bad news

A few weeks ago, I posted about Carson's CMG results. Up until today, I had heard pretty much nothing (important) from Dr. I.
This afternoon, Dr. I's nurse called to tell me that that she and his other nurse finally got a minute to "tie him down" and ask him a few questions about Carson. She did tell me that he and the urologist got a change to speak about the CMG results, he reviewed Carson's MRI over and over again, they chatted some more, and pretty much told me that he can not find the connection to the neurogenic bladder issues.
2 days ago I had the chance to chit chat with Dr. K's (urologist) nurse and again, she told me that there are only 4 causes to the neurogenic bladder.
1. Chiari Malformation
2. Spina bifida
3. Tethered cord
4. Syrinx (cyst on the spinal cord)
We know, and from her latest MRI, Dr. I knows that she does not have 3 out of the 4, and her chiari is minimal.
So, where does that put us?? Who knows. We were told that Dr. I is not sure what to do, and that he wanted to see us as soon as possible for a "family" meeting. Where that will lead, I am not sure, but I can sure tell you that I am scared to death!
It would be nice, just for once, to have a NON COMPLICATED diagnosis!!

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Kath said...

Praying hard for you, and the kids Cindy!

Hope you are having a good summer otherwise so far.

Kath :)