Weigh in Wednesday and other news

Today, I am going to get right to the point with weigh in news.

I KICKED SOME ROYAL HINNEY this week! Even with Thanksgiving this past week I managed to control myself!!! I can not tell you how HARD it was. I LOVE Thanksgiving meals and it would have been SO easy to blow it. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, turkey, and PIES!!! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. BUT I didn't blow it and it paid off this week BIG time!

Today's loss ~ 4 lbs!

Total loss ~ 13lbs

Total left to go ~ 50lbs

Things are moving in the right direction and I am very happy about it!

Somethings I am not so sure about though - I received my call from Frim last night and we discussed Carson options.

This is the game plan. I will be taking her down to Chicago for an MRV scan. It's actually a MRI, but they use a different program to look at the blood vessels. She will also have another LP at that time. Then a couple of things can happen -

1. IF her sinuses (sinuses around the brain, not face, like I thought it was) are compressed, they will do a sinus decompression. I am hoping to learn more about that on Thursday. Frim seems to think the sinuses could be compressed from her craniosynostosis.

2. IF her sinuses are NOT compressed, but her LP is high again, then we will talk about a lumbar drain trial.

3. IF her sinuses are NOT compressed, and her LP is low, then we just sit, wait, and watch (which doesn't help her rocking or lack of sleep) and he may refer us to a neurologist.

So, today I will be calling to make the MRV/LP appointment.

Tomorrow we go to see Dr. Jensen for her 3 month check up. Hopefully he can shed some light on the sinus issue.

That's where we sit for right now. I will post again once I know more tomorrow.


Becky said...

I am beginning to think you missed your calling in the medical field. Seriously... how do you keep it all straight. I hope they find some answers with the new scan and you don't have to wait and see.. cause I know that must just drive you nuts.

all the hurry up.. and then wait and see.... UGH.

BoufMom9 said...

That's a lot of "IF"s. Here's praying you get a clear concise answer.

Michelle said...

Are you in Milwaukee today? We are going tomorrow.

I can't email you lately - Yahoo seems to think I'm spam. But I'm totally up for getting out if you are ... just let me know where!