Chicago bears at Comer

OH MY GOSH! Here is the cat that was in the the bag!

After Carson's MRI yesterday, we headed to the playroom. At 4:00pm, Brain Urlacher and Greg Olsen - Chicago bears players, showed up to talk, and gave the kids presents. It was FANTASTIC! They flew under the public and hospital media radar so there were no cameras, no press, just the guys and the children. It was GREAT!

Both Greg and Brian also brought their fiance's. Brain's fiance' took a huge liking to Carson and was interested in taking her home. After the guys were done talking she personally took Carson over to Brain and had Brian sign her little blanket. It was too sweet!

After talking in the playroom, the guys headed upstairs and made rounds on the floor. I heard from a few families that the guys walked into the rooms and made themselves right at home.

How cool is that?

Thanks Brian and Greg for putting smiles on the kids faces yesterday!

Sorry Matt! Sorry you missed it all!!!


Britta said...

Way cool! How nice of them to do that.

Anonymous said...

that is way cool!! hope you got some pictures?!?!

Anonymous said...

How fun is that!! Hope you were able to get a few photos to share.

Glad Carson is able to heal without extra stuff being done. I'm sorry Frim doesn't know whats going on. Maybe he'll get more answers at the conference.