Oh yes we did

Last night, Riley had be complaining that she wanted her hair shorter. I was a little hesitant, but I graciously agreed to it. So, today at noon we were right where we were on Tuesday. Riley was sitting on the blue carousel horse, watching sponge bob, while Becky was chopping more hair off.
Preschool, watch out for this little lady!!! I had also told Riley a couple of weeks ago, that after Carson was all through with her tube surgery, we could get her ears pierced. WELL, today just happened to be the day!! (not a great picture - that little bugger wouldn't sit still for anything!)
Good Job Carson!! You look so pretty!


Michelle said...

You are such a good mom - TWO haircuts!!! The girls look fabulous!

I love seeing the percentage go up on the fundraising widget! YAY!!

my4kids said...

The haircuts cute and so are the earings. how did she do with it?