Eat, Drink, and try not to gain an ounce

Did you know.......It is MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!

That's right, It's Football season! I love nothing more than to put on a great pair of sweats, make some chili, cuddle up with a nice warm blanket, and sit on the couch to watch football!! Well, maybe this year it will be in our new GIGANTIC bean bag chair! Who knows.

After week 1, the Badgers have moved up the polls to #5!!! No thanks to the AWESOME loss that Michigan had to Appalachian State!!! I believe they called it,"All time Upset!"

Where the hell is that anyways? Anyone ever heard of it? Maybe I should be researching it because they did Wisconsin and the Big Ten a HUGE favor!

Wisconsin football is a great tradition. I can remember going to Badger games when we were little and waiting ever so patiently for the 5th quarter to start. What other college football team has a 5th quarter?? If you have never experienced a Badger 5th quarter, you better add it to your list of things TO DO before you die. It's a must do!

So that's Saturday.

Sunday is our day to watch Packer football! Ok, so last year wasn't so great, and everyone was telling Brett Favre to retire. All I can say is, at least he is not out fighting dogs. Now Cow tipping, that's a whole different story.

It's a battle in our house though. Matt is a BEARS fan!!! Now, being as far north as we are, luckily for me, they don't televise many Bears games here, but when they do, it's a challenge. Do you put the kids in orange and blue or Green and gold? Their Favre jersey or Driver's?

But, the main thing is, If you are a Packers fan, you know the saying still holds true........ The Bears still SUCK!

Oh yah, here are a few pictures of Riley's Pre Preschool haircut!!


Lost A Sock said...

Love the new colors, even though you're hating on the Bears. I can deal with it, though, you saucy ol wench, you. I'm sure at least fifty percent of your children are Bears fans, and that my adorable god-daughter just might be one of them. Mwahahaha!

Riley's hair looks AWESOME!!

Michelle said...

OH MY GOD she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

her p=ssy will be bald for years at least, good because I love bald p-ssy