Is it HOT enough for you Wisconsin?

Holy Smokes....I can not believe how HOT it has been here in Northeast Wisconsin the last few days. Temps up into the high 90's with the heat index reaching 105 - 110. Did I mention that is with 100% humidity? It is so hot, that going to the pool isn't even enjoyable unless you are in the water up to your nose. It's crazy, and many Wisconsinites are NOT use to it. It could go away any day now!

I guess I shouldn't complain. 6 months from now, Wisconsin will most likely hit it's all time cold temps of the year at around -20 below WITHOUT the windshield factor.

So I guess the kids and I will get a good movie (or a book) and hunker down for the day until it cools off.

Happy sweating my friends!


Cheryl said...

Hope you can stay cool up there! It has finally cooled down a little here in Indiana.


phoenix web design said...

You shed light to us. A lot of thanks!

sbo said...


Anonymous said...

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