Christmas is a time for giving, right?

My friend, Michelle and her beautiful family could use your help!!

Here is their story (Michelle and Brian have 3 beautiful children; Karly, Braden, Ruby (who's twin died before birth and has Down syndrome) and a beautiful Angel daughter, Lydia.)

"New Adventures
Last week, this beautiful little girl started showing up across the Internet, on many DS blogs:

Little Lera was in danger of being institutionalized. Look at that beautiful little face - she deserves a home and a family. It wasn't her choice to be born in a country where she has no value in society.

I just couldn't look away; I worried about her day & night. She had about a week to find a family. I contacted Reece's Rainbow, and told them if they can't find her a family, let me know.

Brian & I had always talked about adopting SOMEDAY - but we had thought we'd adopt a younger girl - SOMEDAY.

A couple days ago, word went around that a family had committed to Lera. I was so relieved - and a little sad that she wouldn't join our family. Then, I was THRILLED to find out Lera will be going home to my friend Tracy's home! Lera's journey will be followed on her new adoption blog!
This experience definitely triggered some interesting conversations between Brian & I ...

We have a house set up for a family of 6. We were prepared to have 4 children, and losing Lydia leaves a permanent empty space in our home.

We know we can never replace Lydia. Her loss will always be with us.

And we're very certain we don't want to have another baby; going through a pregnancy would just be too stressful. Too many reminders of what could go wrong.

And yet, we're missing a daughter, and what would be the best way to honor her memory? By keeping an empty chair at the dinner table, or by bringing home a child who doesn't have a family?

After all the discussions we'd had about little Lera, it suddenly became clear to us that were we to adopt, we'd want an older child - someone between Ruby & Braden in age, a little girl who would otherwise be destined to being sent to an institution and left there with no future. This would keep Ruby our baby, and another little sister for Karly & Braden.

We figured we'd start planning & saving up - and adopt when the time was right.

I told Brian to check out the at-risk girls on the Reece's Rainbow website. There were a few that stood out to us, but one who repeatedly drew our attention.
For one thing, she is a twin. She was given up at birth for having Down syndrome, but her twin was taken home. We lost a twin - and this little girl is a twin without a family. We lost Lydia, and found a little girl named Lilya.

Most children are sent from their orphanages to the institution at the age of 5 - Lilya turned 5 in August. It's amazing that she's still available for adoption.

So, we can't sit aside and wait and plan. We have to just jump in and go for it - and bring this little girl home. To our home, and make it her home.

Yes, it's expensive - but what is a life worth? It won't be easy, but the best things rarely are.

This is Lilya - soon to be Lily.

Our daughter Lily. "

So, with all that said, the Zoromski's are having an Auction to help raise money to bring Lily home, Please if you are looking for Christmas gifts, please go and check it out. Every penny will help.

* Auction ~
Our auction to help raise funds for Lily's adoption started today on Lily's blog. It will run until next Tuesday, December 15. Please check it out - and if you could pass the word around, we'd really appreciate it!

We have so many really cool items - something for everyone!


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