I'm Here (waving)

As most of you know my life barely ever stops for a tea break, or even a "pee" break for that matter. I can not believe how the time has flown by. It actually make me really sad that time flies by so fast. Before I know it, my kids will be graduating and off on their own with an agenda to be conquered. Ugh.

So anyways, I'm sure many of you are asking, "where have you been?" This is where I've been.....

~Last weekend, Carson and Cooper turned 4 yrs old (see what I mean about the time flying by?)

~Last Tuesday, Our friend Katie had her chiari surgery and I am happy to announce that she is home and doing well.

~Last Wednesday, Keegan and I were in Madison. He had an LP done with his neurologist. He did really well. We got home around 8:30pm

~ Last Thursday, My self, my mom, Riley, and Carson ,headed down to Madison at 4:30 am for Carson MRI and bladder/kidney ultra sound at 830a. Then we sat around and waited for Riley's MRI at 1:30p. We 4 girls lived in a post op waiting room which was probably like 10X10 for a total of 11 hours that day. Mean while, at 10am I got a call from Matt that Keegan is struggling with head pain and need to be picked up from school. Great. I made my phone call to the neurologist and she explains to me that he probably is having a spinal headache from a CSF leak. He is to lay completely flat for 48 hours and pump the fluids.

~ Last Friday, Neither child goes to school and I am home with all 4. 3 that are over tired and 1 that is not supposed to be lifting his head up at all. RIGHT! Come evening time the pain is so bad, I call the "on call" nurse and she insists that I take him to the ER immediately. He and I packed up, I SO broke the law by letting him lay on the floor of the van Vs his eyes popping out of his head by sitting in his car seat but shhh, don't tell. We get to the ER, they get him in right away, we explain everything, they get an IV started with some fluids, good pain meds, and caffeine. We were there for about 3 hours and then they told us he "should" be better by the morning.

~ Saturday morning arrives and he is NOT doing any better. This time I call his neurologist in Madison in hopes they will do something more for him. They send us back to the ER, the ER doc and the neurologist speak, and we are admitted, hooked up to an IV, and laying flat. Life is good while laying flat, but once he is up, the pain is back. We were told that with the IV we would be there at least until Monday. Swell.

~ Today, IV meds aren't doing it. They asked if we wanted to be at home laying flat or in the hospital laying flat until Wednesday. Keegan I both voted to go home. Now, we will lay flat until Wednesday and hope to god that things get better. If not, Wednesday we will contact the neurologist and we will go from there.

So.....that is where I've been. How about you???


JuliAnn said...

Hey Cindi, I struggled with a spinal headache after my cerclage with Ava and Wes... have the doctors mentioned a blood patch? If so did they mention why they are not doing it??? The spinal headache, even while I was laying down, was one of the worst pains I ever had... a blood patch cured it... (In case they didn't, they took a little blood from my arm after putting a tap in my back then inserted the blood into the spinal column to patch the hole...) Obviously I am not a doctor and there could be good reasons why they want to avoid this with Keegan, but I think its worth asking about if they haven't mentioned it. The procedure itself sort of sucks, but the headache really is better in minutes.

Erin said...

Oh my Cindy! What a whirlwind of a life you lead! I read the comment above and think the same thing. When my sister had her spinal for her MS she had the same horrible headache. Then did do a blood patch and it worked wonders for her. Not that I know more than a dr. but worth asking about. I am praying for you all as you go through another tunnel.

Cole Twins said...

Thanks for the comments.
Because Keegan is only 6, they need to wait a full week before they will do a blood patch. Also we found out that there wasnt anyone here in the area that was willing to do a blood patch on a 6 yr old. That is what we will revisit come Wednesday - that will be 8 days. If they want to do a blood patch, we will have to take him back to Madison. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the blood patch too :). Guess others beat me to it.

I really hope you and Keegan catch a break soon. It sucks to be sick/in pain yourself but I think it's worse watching your child and not being able to fix it.

Thinking of you guys...

JuliAnn said...

I woud have died before I would have made it a week :( I hope its all sealed up good! Hugs, what a strong little guy!