It seems like forever

Holy cow does it seem like forever since I last posted here!! EEK!!

I've been gone, but hopefully not forgotten!

As many of you know, My 3 yr old daughter, Carson, had her first chiari decompression done on August 4Th with an outstanding neurosurgical team. Surgery took around 4 hours, from the time I left her, to the time I got to see her beautiful face in recovery. Things moved pretty smoothly prior to surgery. She did fairly well up until she saw the gown and then freaked out. She kept telling me to put her shoes on and that she wanted to go home. When the time came to take her to the OR, I put on my scrubs and carried her into the OR and placed her on the table. She was one scared little girl.

She came out of recovery just fine and was moved up onto the PICU floor. She spent 24 rough hours in the PICU and then was moved onto a regular neruo floor. For the most part Carson recovered well. She had about 3.5 days of vomiting, but other than that she was a trooper.

We spent a total of 5 days in the hospital. She is now 1 week, 2 days post op and is doing fairly well. She is having a lot of muscle spasms, but has been given meds to help with that.

Today we had our 1 week post op appointment with the NSG and things are progressing nicely, besides the pain. Knock on wood that things continue to move in a positive direction.

We will meet with the NSG again in 3 months for a post op MRI.

Until then we are laying low and relaxing. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.

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Kath said...

Glad everything seems to be going well :)